Apple Watch Round Series is absolutely gorgeous

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A video showing what an Apple Watch with a round face has been doing the rounds on the Interwebs.

Will Apple make this a reality?

On September 12, Apple is expected to unveil its new lineup of Apple iPhones and alongside it, one of the most eagerly awaited devices — the Apple Watch Series 4. There have been leaked images that show off the upcoming Apple Watch and with it, we get a new watch face. However, the overall design of the timepiece remains practically the same and in all likelihood, we will not see a new round watch this year. Now, a commercial tech industry designer has taken matters into his own hands and released a concept video showing what an Apple Watch with a round face will look like, and it’s absolutely beautiful.

Muhsin M. Belaal Auckburaully is a designer who specialises in producing concept videos of devices which look beautiful even though they may not necessarily be official. This video is a prime example of the exemplary work he puts in to make the videos this good looking. From the video, we can see that the Round Series Apple Watch comes with a nearly edge-to-edge display on a very slim profile. This render is the definition of sophistication.

The only unfortunate part is that it is just a concept video and we can’t get our hands on it. Chances are that Apple may not release a round smartwatch this year but rumours have suggested that Apple is indeed working on a round-faced Apple Watch. However, we don’t know if and when it will become a reality.