Watch: Tecno’s ‘Shine in Anylight’ TV campaign

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The 360-degree brand campaign is going live from 2nd May’19 and will run across popular offline and online mediums.

The campaign ‘Shine in Any Light’ includes a series of three documentary style films.

Tecno with presence in over 50 countries, made its inroads in India in April 2017. As the brand is celebrating its two-year anniversary in the Indian market today it announced the commencement of the first brand campaign for the year viz. “Shine in Any Light” on the back of the recently launched CAMON i4. The 360-degree marketing campaign will start on 2nd May 2019.

The campaign ‘Shine in Any Light’ includes a series of three documentary-style films featuring Vicky Roy - A Rag Picker turned street photographer, Chandani Srivastava - A Street Dancer turned Choreographer, and Toshada Uma - The Hairless Style icon celebrating individuality and strength of mind and people who believe in paving their own way in life against all odds.  Each film's visuals are a storytelling of ‘Shine in AnyLight’ factor of these individuals for whom Life is all about living their passion and following their dreams no matter the darkness.  The first film to go on-air is of Vicky Roy, the Ace Photographer and rest two will follow shortly.

Conceptualised and executed by CreativeLandAsia, the campaign is targeted towards the youth of the country that is free and open-minded. They are the ones that do not get influenced and are rather liberal about the choices they make in life. It is from this attitude that stemmed the core campaign idea of 'Shine in any light’ focusing on the belief that for Indian youth life is not just lived, it is performed. Deep inside everyone, there is a piece of extraordinary waiting to be seen which can be discovered through TECNO’s ‘AnyLight camera’ lens, which helps the consumer shine their best in any circumstance.