Looking for a partner for your pet?

The Asian Age.  | Suridhi Sharma

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A new app presents a perfect platform for dog owners to connect and find the right match for their pooches.

The app helps pet-owners set up a profile of their dogs with details related to health and vaccination.

Love might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but dating sure is, especially with the spurt of new dating apps. And now the online dating world is not restricted to humans alone. With the launch of ‘Woof — my best buddy’, dogs too can look forward to a healthy dating life.

The app was recently launched by CEO Gaganjyot Juneja along with Mandeep Singh who co-founded Woof. “We saw how many dog owners struggle as they are unable to find the right match for their beloved pet. It can be very frustrating for the dogs. We saw this struggle in smaller towns, like Dehradun. I have pet dogs myself and so does Gaganjyot. This app was much required,” shares Mandeep.

The app helps pet-owners set up a profile of their dogs with details related to health and vaccination. It also helps them connect and chat with other owners.

Mandeep says, “Pet owners need a helping hand as well. It is a huge responsibility to take care of a pet and all it’s needs. Woof is one step in making the journey easier for them.”

He shares that one such app was launched in USA but was not appreciated as many dog-owners got offended when their dogs were disliked. “So we decided to keep two options like and love. The app also provides a perfect platform for dog owners to socialise with each other. We wanted a singular platform for pet-owners that could help with various needs and that is how Woof was born,” he explains.

The app serves three main purposes. It is a matchmaker, it connects dog owners with veterinarians, provides dog spas and helps find dog kennels when the owners are travelling. “The app will also tie-up with some e-commerce options in a few days,” explains Mandeep.

While the app only caters to dogs, it is important to keep it that way. He says. “When one thinks of an app it is important to have a singular focus. We are only catering to dogs because it is a problem that needs to be addressed. While there are other pets, there could be other apps for them.”

The app aims to help build local communities of pet-owners, so that they can come together as a collective and solve problems related to their pets and the area. With a niche focus, the app is currently focusing on cities like Kolkata, Delhi, Chandigarh, Punjab and Dehradun. “We will eventually expand our horizons,” he signs off.