4 platforms ensuring women's safety with tech-based solutions

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Many organizations have made use of IT and technology and have also deployed AI-based solutions to safeguard women.

Here are a few companies that have really gone out of their way to include a safety feature in the services that they offer.

In today’s day and age, women’s safety has taken the forefront and most companies tend to focus more on this concept so that women feel secure beyond their workplaces. Many organizations have made use of IT and Technology and have also deployed AI-based solutions to formulate ways in which safety is ensured to all employees, especially women. 

Here are a few companies that have really gone out of their way to include a safety feature in the services that they offer: 

Routematic: Getting to your workplace and back is now made easier with the help of this app. Routematic is the solution to an employee's transport problems, with custom made RFID tracking device, built-in panic button & female aware routing support during dark hours, Routematic sets the bar in employee safety during travel.

Avis India: Avis India is committed to the cause of safe and secure ground travel and has established various checks and balances in its delivery mechanism. The cars are equipped with assistance buttons, all drivers go through 2 levels of security check and the unique Avis Secure Desk for female travellers instils a sense of security amongst women travelling from the start to the end of their journey. An all-inclusive car insurance in all cars protects the traveller from any unforeseen incidents. 

Colive: Colive is a technology-enabled network of fully- managed rental homes. These ready-to-move-in homes are conveniently located in close proximity to IT parks and business hubs. All Colive properties are 24/7 under surveillance and are centrally monitored at all times. Entry into Colive properties is restricted as each resident is given an access card and the presence of a facial recognition software enhances the safety of the residents. Only Colive residents, staff members & guests can enter the premises. Residents can also contact the Colive Emergency Response Team at any time of the day in case of any threat to self or fellow residents. 

No Broker: When it came to home security, many areas needed work. This is why NoBrokerHood was created. This is a tech-enabled visitor and community management system, aimed to make life more convenient and safe for residents in any housing society. While most apartment buildings and residential complexes do have security measures in place, they are either outmoded or rely heavily on manual record keeping. NoBrokerHood offers a plethora of services and features which enable the user to manage multiple activities inside residential buildings, housing societies, and gated communities. From finding domestic help to monitoring visitor entry and pre-authorizing guest visits, it can all be done from your phone. It also further strengthens the safety of your society by keeping visual and digital records of all entries and exits – accessible anytime and anywhere – and automates staff entry through a biometric process. Try NoBrokerHood and experience a better, smarter and more affordable safety system for your society.