Top 4 modern cybersecurity platforms that empower your digital business

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There are several tech-driven platforms in India that help you resolve challenges and mitigate the associated risks.

Any cyberattack on your business can have wide-ranging ramifications. (Photo: AFP)

You have long been looking for ways to expand your business. So, it was a boon in disguise when India joined the digital drive to unlock the massive digital opportunity for you. Your business has cruised smoothly ever since with minimal to no headwinds. You no longer felt bound by low digital adoption and could tap customers across the country. That too, with small capital requirement and without the deployment of additional customer touchpoints in your target geographies.

However, as much of a boon, it is for the business, the digital frontier also brings about unique challenges that you might not even be considering. Cybersecurity is one such unfathomable challenge. Technically, any cyberattack on your business can have wide-ranging ramifications – both long-term and short-term. It can also land you in regulatory complications and create mistrust amongst your customers, thereby completely derailing your digital advent. Thankfully, there are several tech-driven platforms in India that help you resolve such challenges and mitigate the associated risks. Let’s have a look at them.

Cyberbit’s Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR): Today, the ever-increasing scale and intensity of cyberattacks are making it impossible to identify, manage, and mitigate incoming attacks. Everything becomes more complicated if your digital infrastructure is big and relies on dynamic network nodes such as IoT devices. If you face the same challenge, you must look forward to Cyberbit’s Endpoint Detection and Response solution. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Behavioural Analytics, it hunts proactively for threats with its forensics tools and enables you to detect unknown targeted threats in real-time. Ultimately, Cyberbit’s EDR accelerates your response time from several days and weeks to just a few minutes. It is also the only EDR solution which is fully-functional even in air-gapped environments.

Limelight Networks’ Cloud Security Service: Every digital business relies on the cloud infrastructure in a way or the other. However, malicious actors steal your thunder by conducting wide-ranging cloud-based attacks to compromise your website and steal data. This is where Limelight Networks’ Cloud Security Service – with its DDoS protection, Web Application Firewalling, TLS/SSL encryption, and Content Security – adds considerable value to your business. Its scalable cloud security solutions add multiple layers of security to protect your digital infrastructure without impacting performance. Perhaps, a must-have for businesses that envision sturdy growth and international business expansion.

TAC Security’s Enterprise Security in One Framework (ESOF): If you want a comprehensive solution in an easy-to-understand manner, TAC Security’s ESOF is what you are looking for. The platform builds on the power of data analytics and Artificial Intelligence to test your comprehensive IT infrastructure. From scorecards for top management to detailed drill-downs for IT teams, ESOF creates different reports for different audiences. It also extends context and insight regarding each and every vulnerability – including trends, predictions, and potential solutions – and tracks the ongoing progress of ongoing vulnerability management objectives. TAC Security’s ESOF solutions are leveraged by both big and small businesses of India with some of the prominent names including Bharti Airtel, Amul, and National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI).

Quick Heal’s Total Security for Android: Managing digital business makes it imperative to stay connected round the clock. So, your smartphone becomes a vital component for your business. In principle, smartphones are the easiest to hack. It can even get compromised – and with it your sensitive business-related information – by opening a malicious website. The Indian cybersecurity player has developed its Total Security for Android to shield you against all such threats. This secures everything from your payment applications to the data that is stored in it, while also equipping your phone with advanced anti-theft capabilities and performance optimization. The best part is that its Three-year subscription only costs you Rs 449.