TVs that Provide the Best Netflix Experience in 2019

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Get to Netflix within just a few seconds.

The biggest change in criteria this year is the introduction of a feature called Always Fresh.

When you’re ready to relax and watch something on Netflix, you just want it to be simple. Believe us...we get it! And before you press play on Stranger Things, so much is dependent upon your TV in order to make sure getting there is easy and instant.

Each year, we put out our recommendations for the smart TVs that provide the best performance and are the easiest to use for Netflix (and, ultimately, other streaming services). And every year we up the ante for what it takes to make the list. This year, we’re excited to recommend select models from Samsung, Sony and Panasonic that will provide a top-notch experience.

When you see the “Netflix Recommended TV” logo, it means the TV has passed rigorous testing to ensure great performance and easy access to Netflix and other services. This means you can get to Netflix within just a few seconds, move quickly and easily between different apps, get the latest version of Netflix and have access to all the newest features for a better browsing experience.

In order to receive the designation, the TV must meet 5 out of 7 criteria, featuring, ‘TV Instant On’ - your TV wakes up instantly and remembers where you were, ‘Fast App Launch’ - whether you’ve just turned on the TV, or switched from a different app, Netflix always opens quickly, ‘Netflix Button’ - turn the TV on and open Netflix with a single press of a button, ‘Easy Netflix Icon Access’ - the Netflix app is easy to find and start from the TV menu, ‘Always Fresh’ - the TV updates in the background, so the latest Netflix TV shows and movies are always displayed, ‘High-res Netflix Interface’ - get the best experience when browsing in Netflix, ‘Latest Netflix Version’ - the TV comes with the latest version of Netflix with the newest features.

The biggest change in criteria this year is the introduction of a feature we call Always Fresh. This feature ensures that while the TV is “sleeping,” Netflix is still awake. The TV will periodically refresh Netflix in the background, so that the next time you want to watch, it’s ready to go and makes a big difference in the responsiveness.

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The initial designations of 2019 Netflix Recommended TVs are Samsung Q60R/Q70R/Q80R/Q90R/Q900R series, RU8000, The Serif and The Frame devices, Sony BRAVIA X85G(XG85)/X90G(XG90) series and A9G(AG9) series and Panasonic VIERA GX700/GX800/GX900 series.