Four awesome WhatsApp features you can use right now

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Here are four exciting new WhatsApp features that are available for all users.

WhatsApp has introduced some handy features to enhance your experience. (Photo: Pixabay)

Every WhatsApp upgrade brings about some exciting features that the 1.5 billion users the world over absolutely love. In India, WhatsApp has over 400 million users with the instant messaging giant often launching features that are specific to our country.

In keeping up with tradition, WhatsApp continuously announces new upgrades as well as tests unreleased features on its beta apps for iOS and Android. Of late, WhatsApp has been testing features that pertain to privacy and controlling of fake news on its service. Some of these features have already rolled out centring on forwarding messages. As far as UI enhancements go, WhatsApp is currently testing a Dark Mode for both iOS and Android. This new feature is expected to arrive when iOS 13 drops later on in September. As far as Dark Mode for Android goes, it is expected to roll out alongside the release of Android Q. This will be one of the biggest changes to the platform. While we wait for this feature to arrive, WhatsApp has recently released other features that enhance your experience.

Fingerprint Unlock

After a long wait, WhatsApp has finally introduced Fingerprint Unlock for Android users. To implement this feature, head on over to the privacy section in the app. By enabling Fingerprint Unlock, Android users can simply unlock the app with their fingerprint. Interestingly, users can also opt in to hide content from the WhatsApp notifications. As of now, this feature is available for WhatsApp Beta users and should be available for the masses in the near future. On iOS, this feature is already implemented.

Frequently Forwarded

After making the Frequently Forwarded tool official earlier this month, WhatsApp users now know when a message is forwarded over five times. This tool has been launched to curb the spread of fake news which is quite a big deal on WhatsApp.

Consecutive Voice Messages

This new feature is especially beneficial for those who send multiple voice messages. Prior to the rollout of this feature, users had to listen to each message individually. Now, multiple consecutive voice messages that have been sent at once will play automatically. With this updated feature, users do not need to go back and play the next voice message.

Group Invitation

This is one of the most sought after features and WhatsApp has finally delivered. With this feature, users can escape WhatsApp groups they don’t want to be a part of. Hindustan Times explains it as “This privacy feature lets users decide if anyone or only their contacts can add them to WhatsApp groups. Users can also set the option to nobody for WhatsApp groups. This would result in the user receiving an invitation to join the WhatsApp group which expires in 72 hours.”