5 smart products millennials can choose to make homes both modern and eco-friendly

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Alexa, Google Assistants and other voice-assistants have become the norm in a majority of homes across the globe.

iRobot’s Roomba is energy-efficient.

As 2020 fast-approaches, we have already begun shifting towards ‘smart’ devices, and appliances in order to make our homes and other spaces more modern, with the 3C’s of Comfort, Convenience and Connectivity taking centre stage. Alexa, Google Assistants and other voice-assistants have become the norm in a majority of homes across the globe, giving people a flavour of futuristic lifestyles. Now, however, it is not just these factors people are looking for but, in fact, the added ones of sustainability and eco-friendliness in their daily use of home-utility products. Let us look at five smart products that serve as a perfect combination of all these:

Samsung - Family Hub Smart Refrigerator

Forever forgetting to stock up on groceries, or leave the house and don’t remember what else you needed to pick up? Samsung’s Family Hub can solve all that and more. The eco-designed IoT refrigerator ensures minimum energy loss, comes equipped with an integrated touch-screen tablet, a built-in speaker and three built-in interior cameras. It is controlled through the Family Hub phone app. The appliance is so smart, it can create shopping lists, sync across devices in real-time, and share a picture of the interior of the fridge from when you last closed the door! What’s more, it can help you track expiries of food items, and has a Flex Zone compartment with 4 settings that you can pick from. It also lets you share what you plan to cook for dinner with the family, so if someone wants to eat something specific, they can simply respond over the app and tell you what to get. The Family Hub is truly a comprehensive food management system for one’s home!

Indyro - Power Tracks

Indyro is an emerging vibrant start-up that has introduced the concept of interior technology through appliances that are optimized in terms of design, utility and sustainability, the three key concerns of modern consumers.  For instance, their flagship product Power Tracks are, as the name suggests, a long chain of charging outlets that can help you charge over 25 devices at a time through smart sockets! The sockets are universally adaptable, meaning any of your devices will work with them without you needing to worry about what type of plug or voltage it has. Moreover, they do not require you to alter your existing electrical circuit and infrastructure, but can simply be installed anywhere convenient in your home. The power tracks are sleek, and are available in a number of different shades/material that blends perfectly into skirting, desks or walls, without any ‘wall breaking’ or rewiring involved. With Power Tracks, the days of half-charged devices, extension boards and tangled wires untidily sprawled across your room are gone!

Syska – Smart LED Bulb

The times of “Remember to turn off the lights when you’re not in the room!” can now truly be forgotten – at least for a moment. With smart LED bulbs from Syska, whether you step out of the room, the house, or even the country(!), this wireless technology-enabled smart bulb can be controlled through just using your phone. This is done through the Syska Smart Home mobile app. For when you are, in fact, in the room/house, it has 3 million colour shades/tones of lighting to suit your mood and requirements. They come packed with features such as scheduling, scenes, voice control and grouping devices, amongst others. The energy-saver bulb is also Wi-Fi-enabled and works with all Alexa devices.

V-Guard - Smart Water Heater

We’ve reached a day when even bath-time can be made smarter with gadgets like IoT-enabled Verano water heater. Using cloud-based technology, the smartphone-compatible appliance can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world. Through the V-Guard Smart app, one can monitor it, turn it on/off, and schedule it to operate automatically according to what time you plan to go and bathe every day – and at the perfect temperature! Once set up, it works on its own, making for an energy-saving, time-efficient alternative that eliminates the trial-and-error one has to go through with most regular water heaters.

iRobot - Roomba Vacuum Cleaner

If you’re tired of spending hours sweeping your house or struggling on the days when your helper isn’t available to come and clean up, you can now get a robot vacuum cleaner to do these tasks for you. Not just any robot, iRobot’s Roomba is energy-efficient and uses the i-Adapt Navigation technology to make its way around the house. Think of it as an automated remote-controlled car, but one that successfully avoids any obstacles and drop-off regions by itself too! Through intelligent sensors, it can effectively go under different kinds of furniture, and over most surfaces (both smooth and textured) to clean dust and dirt from hard-to-reach places with its Dirt Detecting technology. Some variants also have a deep-clean feature, Alexa-compatibility, Virtual Wall, Recharge & Resume, amongst others. The iRobot Home app helps users control it remotely, as well as schedule, monitor and customise cleaning preferences.