14 incredible things Artificial Intelligence can do right now

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From seeing to predicting when you are going to die, these are 14 things that AI is capable of doing right now.

AI growth — scary or exciting? You decide.

As of now, most are aware that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly becoming a present part of our daily lives. However, a lot of us would be rather surprised to learn of some of the tasks that AI already knows how to undertake. Here are 14 incredible things that AI can do right now.


Be it news articles, books, weblinks and more, SummarizeBot can make automatic text summarizations using AI and machine learning that not just reads communications but also report back the most essential information. As of now, SummarizeBot can be used in Facebook Messenger or Slack and it makes use of natural language processing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technologies.


It may come as a surprise to you that alongside professional journalists, news outlets such as The New York Times, Washington Post and Reuters also rely on AI to write. Apart from many "who, what, where, when, and how" formulaic pieces, Artificial Intelligence is capable to expand beyond this sphere to more creative writing pieces as well. Interestingly many marketers are seeking AI to formulate social media posts. Also, en entire novel has been written by AI that was also short-listed for an award.


While it cannot see how humans do, AI can be used as machine vision to ‘see’ the world, analyse visual data, and make informative decisions about what has been seen. There are plenty of incredible ways machine vision is used today and it includes self-driving cars, facial recognition, payments and more. In manufacturing, machine vision is widely used to help in predictive maintenance and product quality control. The scope is endless.

Hearing and understanding

AI can also detect gun shots by analysing the sound and alerting relevant agencies. This is by far one of the most incredible things that AI can do when it merely hears and is able to understand sounds. Also, in day-to-day life, in more practical terms, we have our voice assistants on our phones that respond to our queries whether it may be as simple as asking about the weather or the day’s agenda. Also, business professionals absolutely love the convenience, efficiency and accuracy that is provided by AI through automated meeting minutes.


Believe it or now, but AI can also speak. While Siri, Alexa and others can respond to queries and provide you with directions, Google Duplex goes that mile extra and uses AI to schedule your appointments and complete tasks in a very conversational manner. It can also respond precisely to responses made by humans it is speaking to as well.


AI researchers are in the process of manufacturing AI tools that will be able to detect types of illnesses by merely smelling a person’s breath. Forbes writes, “It can detect chemicals called aldehydes that are associated with human illnesses and stress, including cancer, diabetes, brain injuries, and detecting the "woody, musky odor" emitted from Parkinson's disease even before any other symptoms are identified.” Also, AI bots are able to identify gas leaks or other caustic chemicals. IBM is even using AI to produce new perfumes.


Using AI, there is now a robot that can identify the ripeness of fruit and even place them in a basket. This is done using sensors and cameras and the inventor states that it will one day be able to pick up one raspberry every 10 seconds for 20 hours per day. Reports claim that the next step for AI tactility is to link touch with other sensors.


This shouldn’t come as a surprise to most since AI oversees all types of movements from autonomous vehicles to drones. There are also robots in Japan that can generate motion autonomously.

Understand emotions

There are AI tools out there that can track a person’s emotions as they watch videos. Artificial Emotional Intelligence works by gathering data from an individual’s facial expressions, body language, and more. It then analyses it against an emotions database to predict what emotion is being expressed. It then determines an action based on this information.


AI has also been taught how to play games such as poker and chess. And some of cases, the artificial intelligence is so good that it can compete with humans and beat them as well.


IBM Project Debater has proven that AI can even be a great success at debating humans on complex topics. This AI can not only research a subject; but also generate an interesting point of view and generate rebuttals against a human opponent.


Over the last few years, AI has grown so rapidly that it can now create on its own and the processes are endless. AI can make visual art, write poetry, compose music and even take pictures. Google’s AI was even able to create its own AI child that was able to outperform human counterparts.

Read a person’s mind

This is truly amazing and the length AI has come is a testament to this point. AI can interpret brain signals and create speech. This is absolutely amazing for those with speech impairments. That’s why it should come as a little surprise when big tech companies such as Facebook and Elon Musk have their own projects that are ongoing to make the most of AI’s mind-reading potential.

Predict death

Researchers have found a black-box algorithm which helped in predicting patient’s death better than humans. This was done by using ECG results to sort historical patient data into groups based on who would die within the span of a year.

Imagine if these 14 incredible AI skills were all combined into a single super artificial intelligence. Scary or exciting? This is up to you to judge. But one thing is for sure, this is all pretty incredible.