Few gadgets that can set the right mood this festive season

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We have a list of few gadgets which will set your festive mood right.

With the Renor speaker around you can organise as many get-togethers this festive season.

Although technology is presumed to be a bad influence and is said to be overtaken the human touch in our lives, this festive season, the same technology can bring family and friends together. We have a list of few gadgets which will set your festive mood right:

Renor PowerCab - Nothing sets the mood right better than good music and this device gives you exactly what you want. With a sonic design and powerful sound, ‘Renor PowerCab’ sets the right ambience and will make your party the talk of the town. With this Bluetooth speaker around you can organise as many get-togethers this festive season and don’t have to worry about entertaining your guests.

HP Sprocket - A cool gadget and a compact printer which is super easy to carry in your handbag. It prints photographs from your phone, Google Photos, Instagram and Facebook. It relies on Zink technology and the Sprocket app (free for Android and iOS) which is again easy to use.

VU Smart TV - If you are no party type, you can simply sit in with family and cherish the old memories by browsing through your albums/videos on a big screen or just watch a movie, arrange for game offs. There is so much you can do with this one device.

Polaroid camera - Ditch your smartphones and go old school with fancy instant polaroids. Capture the memories without getting distracted with social media; what and how old people are celebrating. Capture the moment, get the copy and you can write an instant message and gift the same to your guests as a sweet giveaway. 

SkullCandy Wireless Headphones - With this device you can bring the concept of the silent disc to your festive parties, let the guests select the type of music they want to groove to. The idea is to let loose and spend some fun time together.