Preparing for the Mumbai Marathon? Here’s how the Apple Watch can help

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If you have forgotten how technology, specifically the Apple Watch could help you with your prep, below is a refresher on the same.

The Apple Watch has support for running applications like Nike Run Club, Adidas Runtastic and Strava, along with its native Activity app.

Apple’s wearable the Apple Watch is equipped with a host of features, to make it not only a great way to stay connected at all times but also efficiently track fitness.

The Apple Watch has support for running applications like Nike Run Club, Adidas Runtastic and Strava, along with its native Activity app.

Meanwhile, if you’re preparing for the Mumbai Marathon this year and have forgotten how technology, specifically the Apple Watch could help you with that, below is a refresher on the same.

Customize your metrics for success: On outdoor runs the Apple Watch is touted to keep tabs of eight different metrics, ranging from average pace to elevation gain, but that doesn't mean you have to see all of that info on the screen while you run. Figure out the numbers that get you pumped, and then customise your Workout interface from the Watch app on your phone.

However, do make sure the Apple Watch knows who you are. This means gender, weight, height, age -- basically all the indicators that the watch needs to accurately measure distance and calories burned have been updated. To do so, go to the Watch app on your phone and select the My Watch tab on the bottom, then go to Health, and press Edit on the top right to make the changes.

Maximise battery life: Power Saving Mode disables the Always On display, the heart rate sensor, and cellular data during walking and running workouts. When the heart rate sensor is off, calorie burn calculations might not be as accurate. For longer workouts, you can choose to use a Bluetooth chest strap instead of the built-in heart rate sensor.  If your long-distance run is later in the day, you can preserve battery life by turning off cellular and the Always On display in the hours before your run.

Music on the go: You can sync music, podcasts, and audiobooks directly to your Apple Watch ahead of time, so you can enjoy your content even when you're out of range of your iPhone. Moreover, Apple Music boasts of having over 60 Million tracks so you’ll probably be self-sufficient that way, on the move.

Meanwhile founder of Kinetic Living and fitness coach Urmi Kothari shares her own experiences of incorporating Apple Products in her regular workouts.

Taking note of the same, she shared some tips for similar users,  or even generally those preparing for the Mumbai Marathon.

1. Make sure your running plan is made to make you a better runner. Enough miles and just enough frequency and lactate threshold runs, will make sure you are peaking well before race day. 
2. Over training is not very uncommon. Monitor your recovery and heart rate well- not only during the runs but also on the rest days. I used Apple Watch Series 5 for all the stats relating to my runs from distance, pace to heart rate during the runs and on waking up the next day. It also helps me monitor calories burnt so I can increase or decrease my intake and i can set reminders for hydration via the iHydrate app. 
3. Why is heart rate so important? Sometimes, your heart rate will be extremely high in spite of a slow run. Thats when you know your recovery is poor. 
I use the heart monitor on my Apple Watch to track it during different phases of my run as well. 
4. Supplements like ashwagandha, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, Vit D 3 and Vit C and B complex are helpful in ensuring recovery. 
5. Sleep and Stretches post run or on rest days are two most underrated recovery tools. 
6. The Outdoor Run option in the activity app also has a "rolling pace" feature now. It displays the pace of the previous KM covered. Hence, it allows me to set a target pace to ensure I am pushing myself in the right zone in order to achieve my target timing. 
7. The Apple Watch is compatible with running apps like NRC or Strava and allows me to directly sync the runs with my phone. I can also challenge my friends as to who closes the ring the most in the coming week and win cool badges! 
8. When it comes to running, music is not far behind. I absolutely enjoy my runs powered by music via AirPods Pro directly from Apple Watch! Talk about having the beat at my feet. 
9. Nothing can motivate you more than reviewing and measuring your progress week on week, month on month and the activity app on my watch and iPhone really help me look back at my performance , recovery, frequency and variety of training and relate it to my present state of energy, efficiency and skill. 
9. The Timer feature on the watch helps me during my speed / stride sessions

Tips for the race:

1. Dont try anything new...not clothes, socks and defintely not shoes. Dont even change your watch strap i would say 
2. Hydrate well with electrolytes for two to three days prior to the race
3. Sleep well and stay mobile . You are probably not going to get enough sleep on the day of the race. So sleep well all throiugh the week
4. Go hard in your fast runs and slow in recovery runs. 
5. Plan your pacing on race day in advance
6. Visualize, Train and give it your best. If you are not having fun, change your strategy