Upcoming Apple Watch to feature always-on display

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A patent filed points to Apple adding a new feature that has been sought after since the first model.

Future Apple Watch models will feature always-on displays.

Ever since the launch of the first Apple Watch, one feature that has been wanted by most is Apple adding an always-on feature especially since the timepiece features an OLED display. As per a report by GSMArena, people have been left wondering as to why Apple has refrained from adding this simple but useful feature. Now, as per a patent that has been filed, it appears that the always-on feature will be added in future Apple Watches.

As per the report, in the past, engineers have been reluctant to add this feature as having an always-on display would cause two issues — screen burn-in and a heavy drain on the battery. The report states that screen burn-in is a known issue with OLED displays as it occurs over a period of time when the same assortment of pixels is kept on for significantly long amounts of time.

The report states, “Apple's take on the matter isn't about preventing the burn-in from happening, it's actually masking it. Usage statistics about the OLED will be gathered and use them to restore the visual uniformity of the display by artificially adjusting the brightness and colours of the problematic area. This way users can have the cake and eat it too.”

Lastly, the report goes on to state that a new anti-aliasing method will be utilised to better fit the content on the curved side of the display. This in part confirms the larger and curvier display of the upcoming Apple Watch Series 4.

Apple is set to debut the Apple Watch Series 4 at an event on September 12.