Frenkie de Jong misses the routine but aware he needs to be patient


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De Jong is currently at his home in Holland and although he does not have an established routine he is doing his best to stay in shape

Former Ajax player Frenkie de Jong and Tottenham's Fernando Llorente (L) during the Champions League semifinal first leg match in London last year. AP Photo

Barcelona: Barcelona's Frenkie de Jong said that although he is missing the day to day routine, everybody will have to be patient during this coronavirus pandemic.

"I miss the day to day routine; going to the Club's training ground and seeing my team mates. It's difficult to sit at home and wait for everything to be ok but we have to do it. We have to be patient and we will be back training soon," the club's official website quoted De Jong as saying.

De Jong, who is currently at his home in Holland, said he does not have an established routine at home and doing the best to stay in shape.

"I don't really have an established routine but I try to have a little order: first we go out for a walk with the dog, then I have breakfast and then I do some running on the treadmill. Then I watch some series on TV and play with Jager, the dog," he said.

"The coaches send me daily programmes and they also ask us how it has gone. It's good for us; we stay in shape, not like before, but as best we can," De Jong added.