Cricketers should take the field only when virus is completely eradicated: Yuvraj Singh

With doubts lingering in one's mind that guy next to you could be having the infection, players can't concentrate on the game

Update: 2020-04-25 08:49 GMT
Former India player Yuvraj Singh. DC File Photo

New Delhi: Former India star Yuvraj Singh wants cricket to resume only when the world becomes Covid-19 free as players' health and safety should be paramount for the custodians of the game.

Like other sports, international and domestic cricket too has been disrupted leading the national boards to contemplate resuming the game in empty stadiums, without fans.

"My personal opinion is that first we need to defend our countries, the world from coronavirus," Yuvraj said at 'The Doosra' podcast on BBC.

"It needs to be completely eradicated or brought down to 90-95 per cent because unless it is done, players will be wary to come out into the open, go to the field, or even go to the dressing rooms and changing rooms," he added.

The 2011 World Cup hero feels a player already has to deal with intense pressure while on the field and thinking about the virus will divert his attention away from the game.

"Already as a player, when you are representing your country or club, you are under a lot of pressure. You don't want the fear of coronavirus further weigh you down while playing."

"Like when you are putting on your gloves, you are sweating, you are batting and when you want to eat a banana held for you by someone else, you can't think 'Oh god, what if he has the infection? I don't want to eat that banana'," Yuvraj said.

"You don't want those questions in your head while playing. You need to concentrate on the game. That's my opinion. The world can feel free to discuss on that," he added.


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