Lady Luck smiles on Vijay Shankar!

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Vijay Shankar seems to be having a lucky streak, right from the time of his debut to his performance in the ongoing cricket World Cup.

Vijay Shankar has been the player of choice following a spree of bans and injuries (Photo: AP)

Mumbai: Ever heard the phrase about being in the right place at the right time? Well, that certainly seems to be the case for Team India cricketer from Tamil Nadu and all-rounder Vijay Shankar, who has had a number of serendipitous opportunities to play for the nation in recent times.

Right from making his debut after Hardik Pandya and K.L. Rahul were banned for their TV gaffes to being taken on the squad after Rayudu had a particularly bad IPL, Vijay Shankar has been the player of choice. Most recently, Shikhar Dhawan and Bhuwaneshwar’s injuries actually propelled him into action on the WC.

While Vijay Shankar’s father, H. Shankar, prefers not to comment on the events involving Pandya-Rahul and Ambati Rayudu, he definitely believes that Lady Luck has favoured his son.

“Dhawan’s injury brought Rahul as an opener and Vijay got a chance to play. And, yes, Bhuvi got injured and my son got a chance to bowl the remaining two balls of his over. That was real luck and Vijay took the wicket with his very first delivery in the World Cup,” says the proud father, who is thankful to Kohli for reposing faith in his son.

“We were indeed surprised when we saw that the ball was handed over to Vijay. My son would not have bowled had Bhuvi not gone out,” says H. Shankar, adding, “My son took the wicket of Imam-ul-Haq and also Pakistani skipper Sarfaraz Ahmed. Though the captain was clean bowled, Imam-ul-Haq’s wicket gave us more satisfaction as it was Vijay’s very first delivery in the World Cup.”

Talk about luck

Pandya-Rahul get banned; Vijay Shankar makes his debut. Rayudu has a bad IPL; Vijay Shankar gets selected. Dhawan gets injured; Vijay Shankar gets a chance in the playing XI. Bhuvneshwar gets injured; Vijay Shankar bowls and gets a wicket!