Quarantine in the lap of nature: Villagers camp in forest to elude Covid-19

The Asian Age.  | MB Girish

There's been an influx of city people into villages in recent days

These villagers of Markhal in Karnataka are camping in the forests of Charmadi Ghat in Mudigere in Chikkamagaluru district to stay out of reach of Covid-19.

Chikkamagaluru: The only way to stop the coronavirus is to wear a mask and stay in, we’ve been told, but a bunch of youngsters have turned logic inside out in their bid to elude the dreaded virus.

These youngsters of Markal village in Mudigere taluk in Chikkamagaluru decided that the best way to stay out of reach of the Covid-19 virus is to camp out in the open, in the forest in fact. So a whole lot of them packed food and groceries sufficient for a fortnight and set up camp deep in the jungle, where virus carriers presumably would not venture.

Markhal village has in recent days seen an influx of city people – from Bengaluru, Shivamogga, Mangaluru and other towns –to spend days in their relatives’ houses. But local people fear that these people might bring the virus with them.

A source in the village said, “These people fear that town people coming into their village might bring the virus with them and pass it on to locals. So they decided to live in the forest until it is safe to return.”

News of this commune of sorts came to light on Saturday.