Mystic Mantra: The true spirit of Christmas

Columnist  | Sant Rajinder Singhji

Opinion, Oped

To celebrate Jesus Christ’s birthday is a moment of great joy.

Christmas is an occasion when we must give a thought to understand the meaning of “Christ”.

The basis of Christmas is, of course, the celebration of the birth of Christ; although in reality saints are beyond the cycle of birth and death. At this time of year let us turn our hearts and souls to the significance of the life and teachings of Christ. Every year people from across the world get together to celebrate the day of Christmas!

Traditionally speaking, it is the day when God’s power descended on the earth in human form to give the firsthand experience of “the word” to humanity.

To celebrate Jesus Christ’s birthday is a moment of great joy. We sing carols, celebrate, present gifts, and exchange best wishes. Though the temperature outside shudders us, our hearts are filled with the warmth of love and brotherhood. Christmas is an occasion when we must give a thought to understand the meaning of “Christ”. Jesus Christ, in the Gospel, often called himself as the “Child of Man” and “Son of God”. He can be understood in this dual context.

Being one with the Father, Christ embodied all virtues. He was an epitome of love, forgiveness & humility. He represented the full flowering of God’s love in the world. Indeed, if forgiveness can be defined as the perfume that flowers breathe when they are trampled upon, then he was a veritable garden of divine fragrance. His love encompassed all, and he embraced all. Humility was his adornment. Like one the greatest Urdu poets of past century has said,

“Humility and love are the priceless gifts of God-realisation;
Humility is the be all, and love is the end all of the spiritual path.”
 —  Sant Darshan Singh Ji Maharaj

It is love which opens our hearts to share in the sufferings and joys of others. And it is humility which inspires us to reach out to the lowly and the poor, the forsaken and the forgotten. It is not the magnitude of our acts of loving kindness that ultimately matters. It is the sincerity with which they are offered.

As we celebrate Christmas, let us do so in a spirit as openhearted. If we but develop the eyes to see, we will find that everyday is filled with opportunities to express love and compassion, and to perform acts of kindness which can bring joy to those around us. Everyday is filled with opportunities to spread the fragrance of forgiveness and apply the balm of soothing words.

Those who are rich may possess everything, but if they lack love, they are poor, destitute. So to give love consciously is not only a panacea for hardships, the torments of modern life, it is an enriching experience for the giver also. It enriches the giver as well as the receiver; we all grow. So let’s celebrate this Christmas with its true spirit of love, humility and forgiveness. Merry Christmas!