Mystic Mantra: Creation is nothing but a manifestation of God

Columnist  | Sadguru Rameshji

Opinion, Oped

To establish in this state of oneness, we can start perceiving and attributing everything as manifestation of the supreme divinity.

(Photo: Pixabay)

Sab jag ishwar roop hai, bhalo buro nahi koyi
Jaki jaisi bhavana, taiso hi phal hoyi

The formless divine being has taken all possible forms in this universe. Hence, there is nothing that is good/bad, right/wrong — because for anything to be good/bad or right/wrong, they have to be different from each other, which in reality is not so, as everything is sourced from one origin only.

To establish in this state of oneness, we can start perceiving and attributing everything as manifestation of the supreme divinity. For example, when we are sitting on a sofa/chair, we must feel that we are sitting on the lap of the divine being. Similarly, when we are lying down on our bed, we can feel that we are prostrating at his feet. Imagine for that 7-8 hours that we sleep, we are at God’s feet. Slowly, make this your habit with everything around you and eventually, you won’t even have to make efforts to imagine this — as it would be your default view towards everything in this world.

The second aspect of the couplet is that whatever feelings/emotions we emanate towards others, similar emotions come back to us. This is because since everything is that one alone, it becomes a reflection for everything else which it has manifested and hence whatever emotions we emanate, they reflect back on us. If we emanate love for others we will get back love and if we emanate hatred towards others, then others will hate us.

Lord Krishna has also stated the same thing in the Bhagavad Gita that: “With whatever feeling one worships me, I worship him back with the same feeling.”

Sometimes the experience has been such that we have loved somebody but the other person has not reciprocated with the same kind of love. In fact, we would have experienced the opposite of it and received hatred against love.

Such things happen because knowingly or unknowingly in the past (including the past birth) we would have emanated hatred against that person and the other person is exhausting its own hatred now, even though we have started loving the person now, in the present.

The emotions of love which are now being emanated will not go waste and the same will be returned to us in the future, in all probability, when we need it most. So, it is extremely advisable that we emanate only good feelings/emotions towards others (irrespective of what the other’s feelings are for us).

Emanating good and positive emotions towards others is a profitable proposition for us as they are freely available within us and we neither have to earn them nor buy them from outside nor are required to pay anything for emanating them.

Profit 1: We will not get upset when others hate us as we would know that what we are getting is what we gave in the past.

Profit 2: We will not be adding any more negative/bad emotions to the already existing ones and would not get caught in the cobweb of negative emotions.

Profit 3: When the other person’s negative feelings get exhausted, the good feelings that we have deposited over time, will come back to us — hopefully, with due interest!

So, irrespective of what others feel for us, we should continue to feel good for them, as we are here to make profits and not losses. Emanating good and positive emotions for others is an investment for the future. This investment is guaranteed to give high returns provided we have faith and patience.