Mystic Mantra: Seek the love within

Columnist  | Sant Rajinder Singhji

Opinion, Oped

We look for fulfillment in the outer loves of this world, which may give us transient joy for a while.

Lord Krishna

The soul recognizes its own nature of love in every living creature and in all life itself.  As Sant Darshan Singh wrote:

He is hidden in every instrument, in every song and melody.
All creation
reflect His glory.
There exists not a sparkling wave nor a fiery star that does not owe its radiance to His Light.

Maulana Rumi has said, “The current of love from the one God is flowing through the entire universe.  What do you think when you look at the face of a person? Look at him carefully.  He is not a person, but a current of the essence of God, Which permeates him.”

Lord Krishna said, “He who is able to see My form in everything, who realizes that there is no difference between different beings is, in fact, the true seer.  Such a person I can never forget.”

How can we find the intoxicating love of our empowered soul? It is not in the stars, or on the mountaintops, or deep under the sea.  It is within us. Kabir Sahib said:

Within his navel the musk is hid, the bewildered deer hunts for it in the forest.
So also dwells the Beloved within the heart,
Yet the world knows it not and seeks Him outside itself.

We look for fulfillment in the outer loves of this world, which may give us transient joy for a while.  Yet, we can also have a permanent joy alongside our outer loves.  We can experience the love of our empowered soul.  This love will not take us away from our outer loves; rather, it will enrich them.  We will still love our family, our spouse, and our friends.  The difference is that by tapping into our soul’s state of unconditional love through meditation , we can receive all the fulfillment and intoxication we desire.  We no longer have to depend on anyone else to meet our expectations.  We can be satisfied from within and not dependent on another for joy.  Instead, we will pour out our love unconditionally.  Instead of seeking to take love, we can give love.  By doing so, we will find that our relationships are smoother, more harmonious, and more peaceful.  The tension and anxiety that come from trying to get another person to meet our needs can vanish like a passing cloud.  Instead, we can be fulfilled from within and be free to enjoy a richness to our relationships.