Mystic Mantra: How can I find the purpose of my life?

Columnist  | Sant Rajinder Singh Ji

Opinion, Oped

Those who have tapped into their soul look at life from a refreshing perspective.

We can look at all that happens to us through the eye of our immortal soul.

For some, the questions of the universe, of creation and of life and death, are too remote from their everyday life. They are too entrenched in grappling with the day-to-day issues: What job should I pursue? Who should I marry? Where should I send my children to college? Questions that face us at our life’s end do not seem relevant to the here and now.

Our soul’s unlimited wisdom: Let us first define “unlimited wisdom”. It is not the intellectual knowledge that we learn from lectures or books; it is consciousness. God is described as being “consciousness”. Our soul, being the same essence as God, is also consciousness. It is a “state of knowing all that is to be known”. When we access the divine wisdom, we reach a state of all-consciousness, one in which we know the answers to life’s mysteries and our purpose in life.

The soul is not just a lofty goal pursued and obtained by philosophers and seekers; it exists for the everyday person to find, the person seeking to eke out a living for his or her family, the person trying to be a moral being in a challenging world, the person struggling to find meaning in chaos. The soul is nearer to us than we think and is aware of our day-to-day, mundane existence.

Why are we here in this world? Often we are confused about why we are here and what is to be learned from our everyday existence. Whether we are aware of it or not, there is meaning to our life and all that happens to us. Whatever happens to us has a reason. If we could tap into our soul, we would see life as more than a string of meaningless events and would find a lesson and message in all that occurs.

Those who have tapped into their soul look at life from a refreshing perspective. Rather than be tossed about on the sea of life, dashed by every wave, they watch their life like a movie with subtitles, in which the words at the bottom of the screen let them know what is going on at the spiritual level. They may still experience the thrashing waves, but they observe them with the inner knowledge that there is reason and purpose to the particular situation.

We can look at all that happens to us through the eye of our immortal soul. When we do so, events become like passing, fleeting clouds upon the backdrop of a clear, calm and peaceful sky. Our equanimity is preserved as we patiently wait for the fleeting events of life to cross our vision, knowing that one day they will be transformed into another scene, full of peace, joy and love.

The voice of wisdom, cloaked by the ceaseless chattering of our mind, by the television, the news, gossip and endless human conversations, has had no chance to communicate to us. Give it some time each day to speak to us. We should try to still our mind to hear our soul.

As we spend time daily in the silence and start to hear answers to the questions about our life, let us ask ourselves if the intent is coming from the mind and ego or from the soul, truth and love. If we find that it is our ego and mind talking, let us go deeper until we find the answer from a place of love and truth. With practice, we can hear the inner whisperings of our soul’s unlimited wisdom. We will find its guidance a source of strength and wisdom to guide our each step in life and find the true purpose of our life.