Mystic Mantra: Women The strongest of us all

People forget that woman is the feminine aspect of the Divine Creative Forces.

Update: 2018-08-08 00:42 GMT
Every time women is abused and humiliated she comes out stronger and stronger to fight such abuses. (Representational Image)

Since ages, women have been the soft target for physical, mental and emotional abuse and humiliation. In the falsely perceived male dominated society, she is the one found to be compromising, adjusting and struggling for her survival.

People forget that woman is the feminine aspect of the Divine Creative Forces. She is the manifestation of these cosmic forces in human form.

In the pure un-manifested aspect, she is formless, omnipresent, omnipotent energy and the cause for the creation of universe. And in the manifestation aspect she is in the form of women. Among all the species in the universe only female specie has the power to procreate and one among them are women. Without this female aspect of creative force, the world would have come to an end long ago.

In spite of such potential power within women, she falls prey to the abuse, atrocity and humiliation by men. Women are predominantly emotional humans and also by the virtue of love showering entity through various roles such as of a mother, sister, wife and daughter, are suppressed by the intellectual and physical strong entities.

But however, every time she is abused and humiliated she comes out stronger and stronger to fight such abuses. She also becomes the medium for destructing those evil forces, which are responsible for atrocities on her.

We know how demon Mahishasura was killed by Goddess Durga.  Mahishasura gained a boon from Lord Brahma that made him invulnerable to men of any species. Even the Devatas tried to fight Mahishasura but they realized that he alone has the power of all of them. Then when Devatas prayed to Durga, she fought and killed Mahishasura.

Sita was kidnapped by Ravana and kept in captivity. Rama with the help of Hanuman and the army of Monkeys eventually destroyed his army and killed Ravana along with his brother, son and relatives. In this destruction Sita became the medium.

We also know how Draupadi (wife of Pandavas) was humiliated in the court room of King Dhritarashtra and Lord Krishna saved her. That humiliation became the cause for Mahabharata war and all the 100 Kauravas (Duryodhana and his brothers) along with their supporters got killed.

The one act of humiliating Draupadi resulted in such destruction that even after thousands of years it is remembered in horror, shame and awe.

Time and again, History has proved that humiliating women attracts large scale destruction and that too not only of the persons directly involved in humiliation but even their supporters, mute spectators and the rulers of the land.

When a woman gets hurt (physically, mentally or emotionally) her feeling of hurt directly goes to cosmos and activates/invokes the cosmic forces for revenge. If the Rulers(Government, Community and law abiding citizens of the country) do not swiftly act and punish the guilty then large scale discontentment and frustration takes place which eventually leads to large scale destruction.

Even if by any chance the guilty remains scot free then also they cannot escape the punishment as Cosmic forces have their own way of punishing and revenging the guilty and rectifying the imbalance caused due to the suffering of women (the suffering gets transferred to the feminine aspect of the cosmic forces).

No one should feel that they are superior to a woman and woman is weak and they can abuse or humiliate her and still remain scot free. Everyone should fear the consequences of suffering of women, which will haunt them for births after births. Neither they nor their supporters or the protectors of law will be left without avenging the suffering of women.


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