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India has shown the world, again and again, that despite all its drawbacks and shortcomings, democracy works

An aerial view of newly-constructed Parliament building inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday, in New Delhi. (Photo: PTI)

In our 75th year of Independence, India is a new age democracy, a beacon of hope for the world for our diversity and plurality, for our combination of development and welfare models, for our ability to handle our vast differences in language, culture, habits, beliefs, social and economic agency, religion and caste within a democratic framework.

India has shown the world, again and again, that despite all its drawbacks and shortcomings, democracy works. It gains strength from our differences. Democracy shines in diversity.

The New India is, therefore, not a slogan, but an undeniable truth. It is an India of the youth, an India of high aspiration, an India which is both proud of its own heritage, history, language and culture, and simultaneously, global in thinking and seeking impact.

The New India is an India which thinks differently because a majority of its citizens, the young, think and demand differently. Every action, policy and thought must be thoroughly compliant with their values, friendly to the earth and environment, fair to the people, and accept and embrace everyone no matter what their manner of praying, having sex, eating, drinking, or any such other defining trait, is.

The youth stand against discrimination despite their own numerous biases, opposed to anyone and anything which undermines the dignity of their humanity. They are boisterously varying in their opinions but unified in the need for a vibrant democracy, which focusses on both excellence and equity.

Such a New India demands, needs and wants a ‘New Democracy’. And such a new democracy needs a new icon, a new address, a new fundamentally Indian ethos-based office.

Today, all of India stands up with pride to own and accept, embrace and bow to its greatest symbol, the New Parliament, of, for and by the Indian people. Today, India celebrates the dedication of its own manifestation of values in the form of a concretised reality, and joins in spirit its leader whose vision ensured it — the driving force of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Mr Modi’s place in Indian history is assured for many reasons but the new Parliament building will always stand as a testimony of his vision, resolve, strength and ability to deliver on the dreams he represents, and by leaving the day open for him, by boycotting the inaugural, the Indian Opposition has just depicted the state of Indian politics as it is — with the towering spectacle of Mr Modi and none to challenge him.

Yet, Mr Modi, in choosing to have the inaugural marked with prayers and sermons from all faiths and himself genuflecting in front of the Sengol, has shown affirmation to our civilisational wisdom — the leader is not a reckless fountainhead of power but a custodian of dharma — public interest and duty.

New India is ready and the New Parliament will legislate for its aspirations. And, thus, today will remain etched as a watershed moment; a day when great things began that went on to shape all our futures.