Will seek justice for deceased kids, says Dr Kafeel Khan

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Metros, Mumbai

Mumbai Congress had organised a seminar on ‘art and culture in post 2014’.

Dr Kafeel Khan

Mumbai: Dr Kafeel Khan, the paediatrician who is on bail after getting suspended and arrested in the wake of the deaths of 63-odd kids in Gorakhpur’s Baba Raghav Das (BRD) medical college last year, allegedly due to oxygen shortage, on Monday declared that he would fight for justice as well as compensation to the families of the deceased children.

Mr Khan spoke at a seminar organised by the ‘Vichar’ wing of the Mumbai Congress. Mr Khan also said that he would fight against the Uttar Pradesh administration led by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which jailed him for seven months in the case.

“The administration couldn’t pay Rs 68 lakh for the oxygen bill. This resulted into the tragedy of 63 children’s death. This was outrageous. I did all what I could have done for those children, but I was framed. The reason of this vindictive nature of Uttar Pradesh’s BJP government is well known,” said Mr Khan during his speech.  

He further stated that health minister of UP and other politically important person made insensitive statements against children and the hospital. “How could a minister say that children die every year? The more serious thing is that they had taken this stand as the children belonged to lower castes and Muslim community,” alleged Mr Khan.

Mumbai Congress had organised a seminar on ‘art and culture in post 2014’. Mr Khan and other social activists and intellectuals were present for the meeting. “Till now, the UP government has not made a simple apology for the incident. No family has got compensation. So, I have decided to fight against this apathy and I will take this battle to get justice,” said Mr Khan.

While speaking at the seminar, Mumbai Cong-ress chief Sanjay Nirup-am taunted the BJP over the controversy surrounding the Ahmedabad Cooperative Bank.