Ration shops can sell Mahanand milk: Girish Bapat

The Asian Age.

Metros, Mumbai

Earlier, the state government had cleared a similar proposal for palm oil, strains of wheat and rice and vegetables.

Girish Bapat

Mumbai: The state government has decided to allow ration shops in Mumbai and Thane to sell milk and milk products, albeit only those of government dairy, Mahanand. A Government Resolution (GR) has been issued to that effect. The decision has been taken to increase the earnings of ration shop owners.

The GR issued by the Maharashtra government on Friday, January 19, reads, “To increase the income of ration shops, the state government has given permission to sell milk and milk products of Mahanand through legal distributor of the dairy.” The government has also asked ration shop coordinators to deal directly with distributors about commissions and other price issues.

Earlier, the state government had cleared a proposal to sell palm oil, specific strains of wheat and rice, vegetables, groundnuts and grains. The move came after consistent demand from the ration shop owners’ organisation that they be allowed to sell these products. The latest decision to allow ration shops sell milk and milk products comes as further relaxation of rules for them.

When contacted, food and civil supplies minister Girish Bapat said, “We are trying to make the ration system more people oriented. Earlier, relaxation of rules to sell other products was part of it. Ultimately, we need to keep this system working and healthy. To keep ration shops going has become a tough job. This permission is in the larger interest of ration shop owners as well as customers.”