Banker’s killer to face lie detector test?

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Metros, Mumbai

Shaikh had been watching Sanghvi daily as he was working as a fabricator.

Siddharth Sanghvi

Mumbai: A day after arresting the man who allegedly murdered a senior banker, the N.M. Joshi Marg police is considering conducting a lie detector test on the accused, citing discrepancies during his interrogation.

Following his arrest, Sarfaraz Shaikh has been frequently changing his version during interrogation, the police said. Shaikh murdered Siddharth Sanghvi, vice-president of HDFC bank, by stabbing him multiple times and slitting his throat in the parking lot of Kamala Mills.

During interrogation, Shaikh has given statements ranging from him being the only perpetrator of the crime to being one of the persons among other conspirators. He has told the Navi Mumbai police about “others” who allegedly hatched the plot, later doing a U-turn when he was taken into custody by the N.M. Joshi Marg police.

The investigators are still unclear about certain aspects like how did Shaikh manage to unlock Sanghvi’s phone to contact his father and assure the latter of his safety.

A senior police officer said, “We do not want to lose out on any information pertaining to the murder and hence, all steps, including conducting a lie detector test on Shaikh, are being considered.”

The police is gathering more details about Shaikh from his family members based in Uttar Pradesh. The officials are also unclear about how did Shaikh manage to get inside the car, where he finally murdered Sanghvi.

Shaikh had been watching Sanghvi daily as he was working as a fabricator at a level lower to where Sanghvi used to park his car.

The officials said that there was no clarity on whether he attempted to attack Sanghvi before September 5 or there was ever any interaction between the two in the past. Shaikh has been remanded to police custody till September 19.