Sisters breach Z-plus security to meet Mamata Banerjee

The Asian Age.

Metros, Kolkata

According to sources, their father Sheikh Mafeezuddin was killed in 2015 over a land dispute.

West Bengal Chief minister Mamata Banerjee (Photo: PTI)

Kolkata: Breaching the Z-plus category security cordon of chief minister Mamata Banerjee, two young women — sisters — went to the dais to plead for justice in their father’s murder to her where she was addressing a programme at Hemtabad in North Dinajpur on Thursday afternoon.

Both were removed by the chief minister’s security personnel. Rabeya and Amera of Karandighi were detained by the police for questionning later. At around 1.30 pm Ms Banerjee was about to conclude her address at the programme. Dodging past the glare of her security personnel Rabeya went to the dais from left side after crossing the barricades.

While her sister Amera went to ramp leading to the dais on the right side. Amera was stopped soon. “Take care....” the chief minister told the audience before her speech was disrupted by Rabeya who was seen walking towards her on the dais. Rabeya dived to touch Ms Banerjee’s feet.

She was seen crying as she caught by Ms Banerjee’s security personnel. Upset over the incident the chief minister expressed her anguish. “This is not the way to get something done. You have to explain what has happened? What is the matter?” Ms Banerjee told the woman angrily.

She also directed minister of state for information and cultural affairs Indranil Sen, who was present on the dais, to pay heed to Rabeya’s grievances. Rabeya was taken away from the dais. She and her sister were questionned by the police. According to sources, their father Sheikh Mafeezuddin was killed in 2015 over a land dispute.

Rabeya said, “I came to seek justice for my father who has been murdered. I have five siblings at home. To seek justice I even went to Nabanna, the state secretariat. But I could not meet the chief minister there. Then I came to Malda where the chief minister visited recently. There also I could not meet her.”

She added, “I wanted her to look into my father’s case only.” Sources revealed that the two sisters came to the venue in the morning and took seat in the front row after the D-zone, the final tier of the security cordon. The police has started a probe to plug the loopholes in the security arrangements of the chief minister.