Mamata Banerjee allying with those who wish to break country: PM Modi

The Asian Age.

Metros, Kolkata

The Prime Minister accused Mamata of supporting those calling for breaking “India into pieces” and demanding for “two PMs for India”.

Narendra Modi

Kolkata: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday indicted Trinamul Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee of “treachery” in a blistering attack accusing her of supporting those calling for breaking “India into pieces” and demanding for “two PMs for India”.

Dismissing the calls and throwing a challenge to the West Bengal chief minister, he wondered whether anyone could beat him in the ensuing Lok Sabha election.

Mr Modi alleged that Ms Banerjee has been abusing him and threatening the Election Commission because she has started having sleepless nights due to “scare” and “frustration” as her political influence has been diminishing in the state.

Addressing his grand poll campaign rally for the second time in North Bengal, this time in Cooch Behar, the PM alleged, “Promises of Maa, Mati, Manush are now one side while the Trinamul’s truth is on the other. For the sake of votebank politics Didi however forgot Maa and has stood up with those who are giving slogans to break India intopieces. This is an insult to Maa. Didi, you have also committed treachery with Mati by protecting the infiltrators for political gains. She has crushed allhopes of Manush by handing over West Bengal to the goons of the Trinamul.”

He claimed, “She has thrown their lives in risk. Didi is now supporting those who cry for ‘two PMs for India’. Should there be two PMs in India? Can you ever imagine one of them for Jammu and Kashmir? Didi, your allies are demanding for two PMs for India. It should beremembered that a great son of this Bengal: Dr Syama Prasad Mookerjee had once sacrificed himself for ‘Ek Pradhan Ek Nishan Ek Vidhaan’. The brave son of Bengal abolished the dream of two PMs for India for her unity. And Didi, you are sitting with those who demand ‘two PMs for India’?”

Mr Modi asked, “Isn’t it an insult to Bengal? Isn’t it also an insult to the sacrifices and brave martyrs of the country? In her battle opposing Modi, Didi has now teamed up with such allies. If anarchy prevails in the country, Didi is not bothered. You have reposed your faith in her. But she dashed your dreams. The partnership of Bua-Bhatije (read Ms Banerjee and her nephew MP Abhishek Banerjee ) is busy in turning this state into a den of goons, extortionists and infiltrators.”

Taking a dig at the Trinamul chief, he noted, “Some people are pained to see our country becoming strong. When India is becoming a super power in space, Didi becomes very much bothered. She sees more problem when India flexes its power against terror. So she is now repeating same words day and night.”