100 dengue cases reported in just 1 week

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Metros, Delhi

Last year, 1,177 dengue cases were reported in Delhi.


New Delhi: For the second time in September, at least 100 cases of dengue were reported in just one week alone, according to a report released by the municipal authorities.

While the total number of dengue cases this year till September 8 stood at 147, it rose to 243 by September 15 and then rose to 343 by September 22, as per a report released by municipal authorities on Monday.

By September 8, only 30 fresh cases of dengue were reported, according to the report released by the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC), which tabulates data on vector-borne diseases for the entire city.

Of the total 343 dengue cases this season, 236 were reported in September, 58 in   August, 19 were reported in July, six in January, three in February, one in March, two in April, 10 in May, and eight in June.

Health experts said that the weather was dry during the last two weeks and that could be the reason behind the increase in infections as the breeding starts after the rainfall when there is an accumulation of water. Last year, 1,177 dengue cases were reported in Delhi.