This traveller has slept with 50 tourists in converted van

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Joseph Carlson decided to give up his home and travel solo when he started this

The wedding photographer met people after he listed himself for couch-surfing so that people who agreed could stay with him. (Photo: Instagram/optimistphoto)

People leaving their brick and mortar homes for the village or even a van for a better life are not uncommon anymore. However one man took it to the next level when he decided to invite other people to stayed and slept with fifty of them.

According to an interesting report in the Independent, Joseph Carlson a ‘van dweller’ chose to live his life on-the-go. The 23-year-old registered on to share his van with anybody who would be willing to, and sleep on the same bed. Carlson runs the van with battery-operated lights and charges his phone with the lighter socket. He also does not have a bathroom and advises people to shower before they come or takes them to a hot spring to bathe. The person has to also agree to sleep in the same bed as there is only one in the van. 

Interestingly, he once had five Irish guys who didn’t mind sharing the bed with Joseph Carlson. “They were five Irish guys, and they looked like a boy band. I was like, ‘Hey, it’s going to be really tight’ but they were like ‘We wanna do it.’ But they were the coolest people I’ve had over.” Three of the boys slept in the bed, one underneath and one on a chair in the van. However, he prefers to take solo travellers or the odd couple who didn’t mind sharing the bed.

The wedding photographer is also a freelancer with Amazon and lives only on the road. The traveller calls his van ‘Vanna White’ after a popular US celebrity and has travelled around the entire Pacific Northwest and has covered 100 national parks and travelled over 25,000 miles and 30 national parks and hosted 50 strangers since he started a few months back.