Planning road trips this winter? Here are some tips for you


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New Delhi: Winters have well set in, with breezy air and decreasing temperatures. However, the holiday season is yet to end, with people planning road trips to witness snow-capped mountains and picturesque valleys.

While road trips are a great way to unwind, winters, especially the cold air, can be detrimental to cars, as they can ruin their battery lives, tyres and other parts. In order to keep your vehicle healthy and sound this winter, here are few tips by Col. Y. S. Katoch, Director, CarXpert - a multi brand car service provider - to prevent any damages caused by the changing weather:

1 Battery: Battery is the essential component of a car that requires utmost care during the cold season. The fluid inside a battery gets thick, preventing the current not to flow smoothly. In order to avoid this situation, start the ignition and keep your car on for a few minutes before moving. It is also advised to get your car's battery checked to know if it is merely discharged or needs to be replaced.

2 Tyres: It is important to keep check on the tyre pressure. During winters, the tyre pressure reduces and driving with low pressure results in premature wear and tear. Keep your vehicle's tyre pressure as suggested by the manufacturer.

3 Coolant: Coolant acts as an asset to your car during the chilly season. It plays a vital role to keep the temperature of an engine neutral in winters. The lower level of the coolant and leaks may result in draining out of the substance. The coolant prevents the engine from freezing. It is always suggested to use a mixture of coolant and water during the season.

4 Lighting System: Experts recommend using fog lamps and not to use headlamps on high beam. The headlamps on high beam reflect back the light into your vehicle due to the presence of water droplets in the air. Fog lamps, on the other hand, act as a safety feature in a car as it illuminates the road during poor or low visibility. Besides this, one should also check the other lightning system such as indicators, parking light, tail lamps, etc.

5 Fuel: Filling the fuel tank to its brim prevents any accumulated of water particles freezing inside the fuel pump. This keeps the engine warm during the cold weather.

6 Paint: In order to prevent fading of car paint, make sure you park your vehicle under the shade or keep it covered. Moreover, you can also use polymer wax on the car exterior to create a coating and avoid fading.