'Facekinis' make a comeback on Chinese beaches


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Representational Image. (Photo: Pixabay)

New Delhi: As searing temperatures make an arrival in various parts of China, many women in the beaches in Qingdao are standing out from the crowd by sporting a new unique swimwear called 'facekinis'.

According to a report by shanghai.ist, women say that the facekini - a stretchy mask with holes pierced in the area of the eyes, mouth and nostril, helps them to protect their fair skin from the harsh rays of the sun and other irritants in the water's surface.

Over the years, the peculiar beachwear has undergone a number of sassy new versions by Chinese designer Zhang Shifan, who first made worldwide headlines for creating a facekini, that was inspired by endangered animals and Peking opera.

Last year, Zhang introduced a 7th-generation facekini, which was inspired by a design of traditional blue-and-white porcelain and embroidery.