4 easy steps to plan your trip

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For the love of the destination awaiting you, please go!

With so many places adorning the map, planning efficiently can help you see more. (Photo: Representational/Pexels)

If you’ve been feeling the urge to go somewhere, but are put down by the idea of planning it, you’re not alone. Planning a trip is easy, even though it looks messy and exhausting. All you need is some active dedication towards it, and it’ll be a clean plan! Here are 4 super-easy steps to plan your trip:

Where do you want to go?

Whether it’s a travel movie or just a personal trigger, getting inspired to go somewhere can come in any way. You might also want to go to a place because of a festival that’s happening, so keep the dates in mind as well. Some things to consider while picking an ideal destination:

Check the best season to visit places that are vaguely hovering in your mind. If you’re feeling adventurous, just throw a pin at the world map! Also check what the estimate of the trip will be like (try sticking to the budget later on). Safety, infrastructure, culture might be other things that’ll help you decide where to go.

For how long do you want to go?

There’s’ no predefined ideal duration for any place, according to Travel Triangle. You could be a hopper who wants to cover maximum number of places in a small duration, or you could be a relaxed traveller with a need to take everything slowly. Some things to consider while deciding the duration of your trip:

If it’s a city, you’ll need more time to explore places. But if it’s a beach or another nature gem, you’ll need fewer days. But it all depends on you and your purpose of travelling. If the trip can be done on a weekend, you can use night-time for travelling to save more time for exploring. If your trip is for more than 7 days, keep a buffer day for any unforeseen delays, jams, weather and more.

Please BOOK!

Now, study intensively on how you’ll go to the place. Booking tickets and accommodations in advance can save you some good bucks. Remember, you have a budget! Peak season travelling can be expensive and bookings are subject to availability. Go for non-refundable bookings only if you’re 100 per cent sure of travelling.

Finally, fill in the blanks!

When it comes to planning your to-do things, don’t just go for popular ‘tourist spots’. Keep some space for off-beat places as well. Packing efficiently is absolutely important!

For adventurous activities, on-the-spot booking is a nice idea, because it gives scope for getting a better deal. Keep transfers between places at night to save day-time for exploring.