People's birthday reveals a lot about their sex habits

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An astrologer has a month by month breakdown predicting people's sex habits according to birthdays.

Want to know what's in store for you? (Photo: Pixabay)

A persons sex habits are usually revealed from their behaviour every single day but while astrology influences our activities, our birthday months also influence our sex lives.

According to astrologer Suzie Kerr Wright, your birth date tells a lot about your habits.


According to a report in the Mirror, people born in the month of January are some of the kinkiest people; they like to experiment a lot and don’t mind trying something new often.


February-born people on the other hand are said to be very adventurous but they like you to work for it and they always need an emotional connect to do things.


People born in March like to spend time in bed and give everything they have to offer while having sex with their partner.


April born people are a different kind with their independence, having sex with them is really hot and intense because they are ruled by Mars but they also get easily bored by people.


People born in May are a different kind as they believe in comfortable sex that is good yet sensual. They believe in having sex on satin on a large bed or just not have it because it would get boring.


If you have partners who are born in June you will know they want to try everything that they have ever heard of because they want to know and try every position. They also like talking dirty, so when there’s distance their dirty talk will work wonders.


Having sex with somebody born in July is more of an emotional process as they like to be connected by feelings to the person to enjoy sex in the best way possible.


Partners born in August have an ego and do not like to be told what to do in bed more often than not.


September-born people are very passionate but do not go overboard with their emotions and it is a real task to make them get a great orgasm.


People born in October will like to tell you how they like their sex and how they want a good experience to last a while. They might lack in passion but their pre-sex talk is what makes it a good experience.


They might be born at the end of the year but not the least at all. They love extremely passionate sex. They like to try everything that they can imagine to be possible and tell people about it.


Talk about creativity and the December-born people are up for some creative sex. They also love role-play but it is also difficult to connect to them but sex is always fun with them.