Keep the spark alive in your relationship with these tips

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After the honeymoon phase fades away, it is important to keep the things interesting in a relationship.

In the beginning of relationships, the couple makes it a point to learn about each other’s taste in books, movies and food. (Photo: Representational/Pixabay)

The beginning of a relationship is the most magical. In the so-called ‘honeymoon’ period, everything seems to be going well. But relationships require hard work. The spark can easily fade away and couples need to work towards maintain that magic for as long as possible in a relationship.

The easiest thing to do on a daily basis is keep up the flirtations. It helps keep the romantic relationship alive and prevents you from taking them for granted.

Here are some tips to ensure that the sparkle always remains in your relationship, according to experts.

Invite your partner on a date

The early stages of a relationship involve a lot of date night. This entails a lot of dressing up, and looking good for your partner. But with time, you don’t put the same amount of effort for dates and the dates itself became far and sparse.

Recreate this feeling once again. If you live with your partner, meet directly at the date place, do not commute together. If you are doing an in-home date, amp it up with candles, dim-lights and good chinaware.  Serve your partner like a guest and make him/her feel special.

Keep surprising each other

Send a naughty text or surprise her with flowers, just like good old days. Small gestures like that can convey a lot of emotions and makes your partner feel loved. And since you’ve been together for a while, you will know what your partner likes, so make that extra effort to make the gesture more personalised. This works wonders as it reminds your partner you love them as much as before.

Play games together

Keep up the silly quotient. Find fun activities that take you out of your adult life once in a while. Play board games at home, rent rollerblades, make the midnight ice cream run or watch your favourite movie from when you’ll were teenagers. Spending time doing light-hearted stuff is good for the relationship and to unleash the goofy side of your relationship.

Modify communication habits

After a while couples fall into a rut and so does their communication habits. Simply asking ‘how was your day’ or ‘how are you’ is very mundane. These questions can only get boring, mundane replies. Modify or upgrade your communication with your partner. Keep a certain time aside each week  to talk about your feelings and emotions.

As you get busy in your daily lives, you sometimes overlook simple things about your partner. Make it a point to share downfalls as well as the happy moments. Give your partner undivided attention during this time.

Show an interest in their passions

In the beginning of relationships, the couple makes it a point to learn about each other’s taste in books, movies and food. They also make an effort to show enthusiasm in their partner’s passions. As your relationship progresses, you get busy in your own life the sharing of interested would have decreased.

"Continue to show that you are interested in your partner’s passions, even when the honeymoon stage has long worn off," said dating expert and vice president of, Maria Sullivan to Bustle. Surprise them with tickets to their favourite play or a trip to their dream destination to show that you still care about their interests.