Benefits of good sex life outweigh its abstinence

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Wait a minute! Fifty years was bracketed as ‘at your age’ now! Does a midlife sexual problem herald the end of sexuality?

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Premkumar felt snubbed.  He definitely hadn’t expected this!  He had confided in his friend about his erectile dysfunction and his desire to consult a doctor.  His friend’s rejoinder had been – “At your age, you ought not to be worrying about it anymore! At this age no medicine will help you.  Abstaining from sex is healthier for you”.

Wait a minute! Fifty years was bracketed as ‘at your age’ now! Does a midlife sexual problem herald the end of sexuality?

Gentlemen, nothing could be further from the truth than this one.  The future holds the promise of an age beset with the marvels of modern medicine and technology.  Our sex drive comes from multiple areas in our body like brain, glands, heart and blood.  These organs release a combination of chemicals that induce sexual desire, erection and orgasm.  Having understood the intricacies of the sexual functioning, medical science holds a plethora of choices for the enhancement of the joys of sex.

The benefits of enjoying good sexual life outweigh its abstinence.  It is like an aerobic workout that tones your heart and boosts your circulation.  An act of sexual intercourse burns 200 calories, equivalent to a 15 minute zipper on the treadmill!

Other hormones released during arousal reduce the intensity of anxiety and panic. Orgasm releases chemical messengers called endorphins that are known to reduce backaches and arthritis.  It is also a statistical fact that depression is kept at bay by virtue of being wanted or of bonding.

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Although experimental, it is said that hormones oxytocin and DHEA released during orgasm are known to prevent the further growth of any already existing lumps or tumors. The immune system is known to be better in people who have sex regularly, which in turn contributes to longevity of life.

There are three organs in your body that you either use or lose.  The brain, joints and the genitals.  So, men, choose if your want to use or lose!  Stay connected!  And look forward to a life of glorious sex !

The writer is a sexologist. Mail him at dr.narayana@deccanmail. com