Signs that your partner can’t stand you anymore

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Keep an eye out for these warning signs in your partner’s behaviour towards you.

If you partner is angry or jealous, they wouldn’t necessarily verbalise their feelings. (Photo: Representational/Pixabay)

A relationship that looks perfect on paper, isn’t necessarily so in reality. Your partner could silently be resenting you and you would never know.

If you partner is angry or jealous, they wouldn’t necessarily verbalise their feelings, said psychologist and relationship mentor, Yvonne Allen. “If partners don’t address the resent towards each other, it usually manifests in signs which are likely to result in unpleasant behaviour, frustration and even fights,” she explained to DailyMail.

They become argumentative

Allen said a key sign of harboured resentment is your partner will suddenly start picking fights with you for no apparent reason. It may seem like you’ll are happy but they will start getting argumentative about insignificant issues.

“If for some unknown reason things change and your partner starts to become argumentative, this can be a sign,” Yvonne warned.

They stop showing affection

There will be a marked drop in affection levels from your partner if they are harbouring anger towards you. “Perhaps they used to leave post it notes around, gave you little hugs, called you to tell you they love you, left little gifts around the home for you, and now this has stopped,” Yvonne said.

“This may mean they are holding back their affection because they feel resentful.”

They make fun of you

Sharing a sense of humour with your partner is a part of relationships. But keep an eye out if the joke turns sour. “A resentful partner may say or do things in a joking way towards you which are hurtful,” she said. “While they say they are joking, the jokes or snide comments contain undertones of real resentment or jealousy.”

They seem to enjoy it when things go wrong for you

If your partner doesn’t support you during your tough times, it can be a warning sign. They could also be blaming you for their setbacks in their life or career. It is one of the key signs that can reveal your partner’s jealousy or resentment.

They withdraw from physical intimacy

Similar to other signs, withdrawing sexual contact and affection could ring alarm bells. It may be a sign that your partner can’t stand you anymore. “If you have had a mutually rewarding sex life with your partner and then things start to go south, this may be a sign,” she said.

“They may withhold sexual intimacy to punish you or make you feel unloved or no longer appealing.”

They become passive aggressive

Being passive aggressive to your partner by procrastination, expressing sullenness or acting stubborn could spell doom. “Passive aggressiveness can also manifest itself in your partner talking the talk, but not walking the walk. While your partner may be saying the right things, their behaviour does not match their words,” she said.