Here are the 3 most avoided sex topics among couples

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The study said that people considered safe sex practices and sexual preferences as things they can talk about.

Past sexual encounters topped the list (Photo: Pixabay)

More access to information and a better insight into sex along with the willingness to experiment with sexuality have given way to conversations regarding sex in recent times. But there are still some no go areas for modern couples, since people are not sure how their partners would take it.

A study revealed the top three among many topics regarding sex that couples shy away from discussing. Although the most avoided one being previous sexual encounters wasn’t a surprise, anal sex was the second topic which couples were afraid to touch and it was followed by discussions about pornography.

Meanwhile specific sexual practices and safe sex practices were perceived as topics partners respond to in a positive manner. The study suggested that the willingness to go forward with awkward sexual conversations said a lot about the relationship.

An expert suggested that people who are satisfied in a relationship tend to share more about sex with their partner, and this exchange goes on to establish a comfort level that only increases satisfaction.