Women from Punjab are buying the highest number of sex toys in India

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UP was the biggest market for penis enlargement products while most orders for BDSM products came from Assam.

Intimate massagers are most popular among women in India (Photo: AFP)

With more awareness about sexuality and higher exposure to information about sexual health and ways to spice up things in bed, the demand for sex toys among other things has gone up. Talking about sex and kink out loud may still be a taboo in Indian society, but there’s more to it under the surface.

A new survey by sexual wellness product firm ThatsPersonal revealed how Indians have been buying sex toys, and turns out that women in Punjab lead when it comes to a demand for sex toys. While men form the majority of the consumer base online, women are keener on buying intimate massagers and sexy lingerie.

In addition to the revelation about Punjab, Gujarat made an appearance in the survey that showed that demand for sex products including condoms went up in the state during Navratri as small towns showed a fascination for adult games, lubricants and intimate massagers.

Meanwhile UP came across as a thriving market for penis enlargement products and people from Assam seem to be on the road to explore as the state emerged as the biggest market for BDSM products.