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The Asian Age.  | Ruth Prarthana

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A recent study claims that couples with similar texting habits are more happy with their relationship. We check if this holds true.

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Long gone are the days when people used to write letters to their better halves. Today its all about instant messaging, video chats and such other options. A recent study showed that couples with similar texting habits tend to be more satisfied with their relationship. We explore if this statement holds any truth. In a conversation with some young people we come to know about this aspect of modern-age relationships.

The arrangement works wonders for long distance relationships. Entrepreneur Navneet Goel says, “I’d like to believe that the results of this study are true as couples with similar texting habits find it easier to  put across their points without hurting each other. Not everything needs a call, and a good texter is great to be with, especially in the initial stages of a relationship. Similar texting habits between couples reduces misunderstandings. This has really improved the relationship that I share with my partner as we are able to communicate better when one of us is travelling etc. I feel that through texting, I am able to share minute details that don’t necessarily need to told over a phone call. Texting when done right, takes the awkwardness away and makes one respect and get a deeper insight into their partner’s personality. Since a text can be seen anywhere it is a lot better when we are not in the same time zone.”

Misunderstandings that crop up easily in relationships can be avoided of people share similar texting habits. Student Meghal Mehta says, “I feel that when the texting habits of the couples are similar then it works out really great between them. For example, short forms are so in right now and almost everyone use it. If the texting habits are different then there will be a barrier of communication between them. Having similar texting habits with my partner have helped us improve our relationship as there are fewer misunderstandings and full flow of information.”

This youngster feels that words are the strongest medium of communication. Krisha Sangharajka who works for an investment banking company says, “If one is good at articulating thoughts and have the right timing then texts can prove to be a boon. Texting has definitely improved my relationship with my partner.  If it is not easy to meet on a daily basis, texting lets your partner know that you care. And that is very crucial. But, I feel texting can never be the only form of communication. Don’t get lazy, when you’re in a relationship.”

Psychologist Sindhu Vasant says, “Texting is one of the most powerful forms of communications available today. The medium is easier.  I had done a study on changing trends in internet relationships. One thing that I found out was that it was a way for couples to be in touch with each other and know what the other is doing at each point in the day. Video chats are wonderful options too.”