How love led Maya to undergo sex reassignment and become Rajveer

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Rajveer met Shivangi in school and she gave him courage to go ahead with the transition.

Rajveer says he is confident with his identity now (Photo: AFP)

Love transcends all boundaries and several tales of couples fighting against all odds to be together have been reported from across the world. While there has been a lot of support for LGBTQ rights in our country, lealising same sex marriages still seems to be a long way ahead but this didn’t deter a couple from tying the knot.

28-year-old Rajveer was born as Maya Saini in Haryana and always felt trapped in a girl’s body. Growing up in a conservative household, Maya’s parents always reminded her about her gender and that her life was different from her brothers.

While it was a long journey and a courageous decision, Maya was finally able to go ahead with the transition to become Rajveer because of the desire to be with Shivangi. Rajveer proposed to Shivangi when they were in 12th and the high school sweethearts stood together ever since.

Soon Rajveer started taking hormones and his body started changing and this was followed by surgery in 2015 which completed the transition. Rajveer told a leading news portal that he feels confident as he is finally what he always desired, he gives the credit to Shivangi who he will be getting married to soon.