No sex for men in mornings, they want Facebook

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According to research, social media rituals have become more important that intimate moments with partners in the mornings for men.

Women prefer kisses and hugs with loved ones to get their day off on a happier note. (Photo: Pixabay)

A new study has found that people would rather check their social media than have sex in mornings to cheer themselves up.

The study involving 2,000 participants found that checking Facebook or Twitter in the morning was more popular than a morning sex session, especially among men.

Women, on the other hand, preferred kisses and hugs with loved ones to get their day off on a happier note.

The study also found that waking up to sunshine pouring in through the windows was most popular with both men and women.

Checking social media, it turns out, has become an important morning ritual, with with 23 per cent finding happiness in catching up on the social media activities of friends and contacts, the most popular option with men.

Taking time out from a busy schedule to enjoy favourite breakfast was also high on the list while the feel good power of music came in at number four with participants admitting that hearing their favourite song got them fired up for the day.

Getting active first thing is also good for the soul the study saw with walking the dog or the kids to school and going to the gym and swimming being important morning rituals.