An explosion of Passion

The Asian Age.  | Sean Colin Young

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An exhibition that witness 40 artists from 14 different states across India.

The exhibition displayed paintings of forty artists that were shortlisted from 1000 entries from 14 states.

There is a reason why art has survived for all these years and the secret behind it’s survival is because artists through the years, be it the works of Picasso, Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel or Da Vinci’s works have survived the test of time as these works had one thing in common; the passion that oozes out of these paintings and the intensity of the passion and feelings are felt even today by most enthusiasts.

In order to celebrate passion, recently, the capital witnessed a group art exhibition titled ‘Passion Explosion’ a group exhibition of drawings, Painting, Art & Craft was organised by Nav Shri Art & Culture Organisation at the Pearey Lal Bhawan.

The exhibition displayed paintings of forty artists that were shortlisted from 1000 entries from 14 states.

The artists on display were Sheetal Gaur from Bhopal, and  Elena Santoro from Kerala to name a few.

On an interaction with Mohit Manocha, President, Nav Shri Art & Culture Organisation, expresses that this show was being organised to give a platform to every artist to showcase his or her work as art resides in every part of the country. He then talks about the herculean task of shortlisting 40 entries saying, “The challenge was massive because we had to choose out of a 1000 entries. We selected them on the basis of adherence to the terms and conditions, work. The paintings were then verified whether the paintings belonged to the artists or not.”

Elena Santoro represented the state of Kerala. She painted the inner voice of Lord Krishna. She points out that the mouth of Krishna is closed but he reveals to the girl about all the philosophical teachings of the Bhagavad Gita.

She further elucidates that the horses depict the senses organs where two horses are going in the opposite direction signifying attraction and repulsion.

Coping with challenges and criticism is something that every artist has to go by in order to be great; Elena is no different. She then talks about her challenge saying, “The challenge was not using the right colour nor the right technique but to express the right feelings.”