Video: Man delivers Subway sandwich to friend from plane

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Now that's an epic way to deliver food.

Man gets his lunch delivered on a plane. (Photo: Facebook / Nathan Howatt)

A farmer who forgot his lunch at home didn't have to starve thanks to his pilot friend.

Nathan Howatt, from North Dakota was flying back from a dentist appointment, when he decided to bring back his friend Mitchell Wirth a Subway sandwich because he forget his lunch at home.

Wirth busy working and no way to order food from his location would have had to starve for the rest of the day if it hadn't been for his kind friend.

Video footage posted by Howatt on Facebook, shows the plane coming close enough to land to make the drop. Lucky for Wirth his meal made a safe landing and was still warm.

23-year-old Howatt was travelling back from Devils Lake when he made the drop which landed right on target.

Thousands on Facebook liked the kind gesture and many commented. One joked,” I expect a subway sandwich air delivered like this in the future.”

Watch the video here.