A bikini for all body types

The Asian Age.  | Gayatri Reddy Bhatia

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Venture into the world of two-pieces with a high-waisted bottom that camouflages an annoying love handle or the flabby tummy.

Katrina Kaif also posted an image from her holiday in Tulum, Mexico where she was chilling in a red high waisted bikini.

Anushka Sharma’s latest picture on Instagram showed her sporting a pink and orange bikini while on holiday and it’s not just hubby Virat Kohli who thought it was a fab post. Girls everywhere were thrilled because Anushka was rocking a high-waisted bikini bottom, something most of us can also get away with!

Katrina Kaif also posted an image from her holiday in Tulum, Mexico where she was chilling in a red high waisted bikini.

These actors have the body to rock an itsy-bitsy two-piece but opted for a trend that lets you sit down in peace without worrying about displaying flab and love handles.

Today a bikini is preferred over a one-piece and is more wearable and practical (you don’t have to remove your entire bathing suit to use the loo!). Rather than a set, it’s sold as separates and while the thong bottom is also in vogue, there is always a high-waist option available and this is the best-seller.

How did this happen?

Narresh Kukreja, the designer of India’s most popular swimwear and resort brand Shivan & Narresh, says this the result of trends, fashion and body confidence coming together. The retro style of the 60s, which was big on high-waisted stuff, is back.

For Indian women this style is perfect as Narresh points out, “High-waisted bottoms give comfort to Indian women who are anyway confident about showing off their mid-riff because of the sari. This style is popular because a bikini is an aspirational product. It’s the comfortable first step when you are graduating from a one-piece. This shows you are an evolved shopper posting that great picture on Instagram from your beach holiday.”

Millennials are holidaying all year round and when on a beach holiday they want their resort wardrobe on point.

Stylist Mohit Rai says the stringy bikini is done to death. “The high-waisted style is more fashion forward and retro. Millennials are a fit generation and can wear any style but retro is always cool, this is why actors are opting for this style, to stand out,” he says.

It’s not just the bikini, high-waisted anything —be it jeans, trousers or shorts — are flattering for all body types.

You can get way with hiding belly fat. Mohit points out that your legs look longer, women with long torsos give the illusion of a more proportionate body and there is something elegant about not flashing your belly button.