'Seen rat' discount for customers at restaurant

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The woman posted a picture of the bill on social media causing embarrassment for the restaurant.

The manager said they don't have rodents (Photo: Facebook)

Rodents or insects in their food or in the kitchen catching a customer's eyes can be a very difficult issue to handle for any eatery, but a not so bright staff working there can make things worse.

When a woman and her group complained about rats running near their feet, one would expect that they would get a free meal for the inconvenience, but instead the staff gave them a 25 percent, and printed it on the bill as “Seen Rat” discount.

The woman then went on to write about the image on social media along with a picture of the bill which she posted, leading to public embarrassment for the restaurant. As the manager Kevin Fat said that this should be a lesson for the staff, he maintained that there were no such issues with rodents.

(Photo: Facebook)

He said that they called pest control and no rodents were found describing the customer’s inconvenience as being caused by one rat straying inside due to the weather.