All decked up for Xmas

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Here are a few tips and tricks to give your home a chic and classy look this festive season.

Traditional décor such as mantels and wreaths are timeless, and a good choice to start if you like to keep things traditional.

Christmas is round the corner. All the lights and bells are out, and are glistening at the stores near you. Probably, the next-door neighbour also has their biggest star dangling at their balcony by now. If you are inspired and ready to decorate your home for the season, here are a few tips and tricks that can help you achieve some very chic and classy looks this holiday.

Traditional décor such as mantels and wreaths are timeless, and a good choice to start if you like to keep things traditional. Adding old lanterns is a smart move if you are looking for something that is just a simple add-on for the season. It doesn’t always have to be red and green. Different colour schemes that are out of the ordinary are also often invigorating and unique during the holiday season.

Decorating for Christmas doesn’t also always have to be bows, bells and ribbons. Natural or rustic items from your yard such as dried leaves of special shapes and patters, strung together and sprayed with some silver base paint and coated with some glitter, can give you some really cool-looking, snowflake-dusted décor pieces. Simple homemade pieces of art with your kids add a very personal touch to your décor and will keep the little humans happily involved.

Just like an accent walls can change the look of a room. An ornamental wall could do the same in this scenario. Long strings of ornamental balls arranged vertically that can be hung from the ceiling down in several rows can indeed create the same effect in a more festive tone. If you are looking for a much more simple tone of décor, all you need would be some old holiday greeting cards. String them horizontally to create a Christmas tree itself or just a wall hanging.

Christmas trees are not a luxury all of us can afford to have in our living room and to go about decorating it. In terms of space and money, they can really pull you down on your holiday spirits. Being creative in making a tree with other innate objects such as hanging some thinner logs on the wall to create a 2D shape can also be a good way. A handful of fairy lights paired with some charms will complete it. Achieve the snowy white look with some Epsom salt paired with creamy candles to light up your backyard pathways or kitchen counter. If none of these captivate you or motivate you to get into the holiday spirits, a few string lights around the house paired with a few paper snowflakes and stars should do the magic. Randomly stacked gift-wrapped boxes around the house are another way to keep it at the lowest notch.

— The writer is an architect who is passionate about the spaces she designs as well as dancing