Tiger Shroff’s fitness mantra from Dr Supratim Akaash Paul

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Dr Supratim Akaash Paul has trained many Bollywood celebrities and sports personalities.

Dr Supratim Akaash Paul and Tiger Shroff

We all know of Dr. Supratim Akaash Paul’s passion for fitness. He has time and again taken his fitness to a whole new level. Let’s hear it from the handsome doctor how to get the temperature soaring with Tiger Shroff!

Dr. SupratimAkaash Paul has experimented dramatically with his fitness and looks. Sometimes flaunting a ripped six pack abs, sometimes a lean look and sometimes a muscular built up look. Having been Mr. Bengal and Mr. India in the past, he is considered as one of India’s best fitness expert. He has trained many Bollywood celebrities and sports personalities. One of the most talked about new age B-town celeb is none other than Tiger Shroff.

We all know of Tiger Shroff’s chocolate boy good looks when he made his debut in the film industry with the film Heropanti in the year 2014. From there the way we see Tiger Shroff in his latest film War is no less than a dream. We caught up with Dr. Paul and he gave us a clear picture of how this transformation was possible for Tiger Shroff. Dr. Paul says, “Tiger Shroff is a fitness freak himself. He understands the various modifications in fitness. The challenge was to change his entire regime to achieve a look which is more chiseled and masculine and in the process retain his flexibility, agility and level of fitness. So the journey embarked upon had a very holistic approach. It comprised of diet, exercise and aesthetical interventions. Tiger Shroff does indulge in a number of activities. He does weight training, dancing, cardio vascular exercises, martial arts, gymnastics, dancing,parkour and free running. This keeps his body guessing and his metabolism is heightened.”

Now coming to Tiger Shroff’s diet, Dr. Paul says he sticks mainly to proteins and vegetables. Like he always says abs are made in the kitchen; so no binge eating for Tiger Shroff. Cutting down on carbohydrates and sugar completely has helped Tiger achieve that ripped and well sculpted abs. Dr. Paul has always highlighted that fitness and the health of your skin and hair are inter-related. It’s all the game of the hormones, mainly endorphins (the feel good hormone) and cortisol (the stress hormones). The former has to be elevated and the latter needs to be kept under check, only then can one achieve clear healthy skin and hair. Then a look was designed for Tiger Shroff which made his facial contours more sharp and chiseled unlike his original sweet chocolate boy looks. Thus in a matter of few years only we have an almost unrecognizable hot bodied Tiger Shroff to drool over.