Lap dancers reveal men record them without consent

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The videos are posted on the internet for other viewers and risk being viewed by family members

Many dancers find video recording unsafe as they work to earn to live the bigger dream. (Photo: Pixabay)

Strip clubs are private spaces and they have rules that include not recording videos of the dancers. There are many who follow the rules but there are many who don’t, lap dancers at a London strip club recently revealed. Men record their videos without their consent and also posted on the internet in the process.

According to an Independent report, lap dancers reveal that it is not new but it could tarnish their reputation, as friends and family can see it on the internet. A few have got calls from their families asking about the videos and why they don’t know about it. Many women also take up the job to fund bigger dreams but such things endanger their careers and future if the employers see it on the internet.

While London clubs have strict rules for both the men and the dancers, the other cities do not. In London, if they are found, the men will be banned from the club and not allowed to enter. However, many skirt the rules and get the cameras in, even after screening.