This therapy may help to restore texture, tone and natural glow of your skin


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Sun and pollution can do a lot of damage to the skin.

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New Delhi: Attention ladies! For a glowing skin, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy uses the healing power of platelet and plasma to rejuvenate the skin.

Platelets are one of the types of cells that are found in the blood which are rich in growth factors and play an important role in clot formation at areas of injury by stopping blood flow and plasma is the liquid part of the blood. PRP therapy is using of the unique growth factors found in our blood that helps to restore the texture, tone and natural glow of the skin, said the Cosmetic & andrologist specialist Dr Anup Dhir from Apollo Hospital Delhi.

As we age, there is loss of fat from the subcutaneous tissue below the skin. This damage occurs by sun and pollution, causing the skin to become dull with lines and wrinkles. The therapy is a simple procedure and can be done in about one to two hours.

Local anesthetic cream is applied on the face (or area to be treated) and kept for about 1 hour to numb the skin. In the meanwhile, 10-20 ml of blood is withdrawn from one of the big veins in the hand and is centrifuged to separate the platelets and plasma from the red blood and other cells.

The fluid containing the platelet and plasma is injected just under the skin using a very fine needle. This stimulates the release of platelet derived growth factors and cytokines, which provokes a healing process and stimulates the formation of collagen.

The collagen provides support to the skin, improving the fine lines and wrinkles. The improved blood circulation stimulated by the healing process enhances the tone and texture of the skin, giving it a healthy and youthful glow. After the procedure, there may be minimal bruising on the skin.

It is important to keep the skin protected from the sun for a few days to allow good healing and is prescribed to use a 50 sun block cream which would be useful. Dhir added that the therapy can also be used as 'O-SHOT' and can be de done more than once and this is recommended to give the best results.

The O-Shot, or "orgasm shot," is used to treat sexual dysfunction in women and stimulate the vagina to aid in achieving orgasm. Approximately 40 percent of females have psychological distress from female sexual dysfunction and very few seek medical help. Orgasmic disorder is quite common and now it can be improved with O-shot.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is extracted from the patient's blood and injected into an area near the clitoris and inside the vagina. The shot works by using platelets containing the patient's own blood from their arm. This is then put in a centrifuge which produces Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). It is injected into specific areas of the vagina, and patients can just have one shot or come back for more which will build on the existing PRP.

Dhir, who's a senior consultant said the goal is to stimulate the growth of new cells and make the injected areas more sensitive. The effects last for about a year. There are stronger and more frequent orgasms, increased natural lubrication and greater arousal after having the procedure. It takes around 40 minutes under local anesthetic and the patient can walk home.