Drinking tea, coffee at office is bad idea. Here's why

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Recent study finds that washing mugs in communal kitchen just ends up putting more bacteria on them.

Studies suggest that 1 in 5 mugs in offices are harbouring unsavoury microbes. (Photo: Pixabay)

A study conducted by Charles Gerba, Ph.D, professor of environmental microbiology at the University of Arizona found that 20 per cent of mugs from the office kitchen have fecal matter on them

According to the study, around 90 per cent of most office mugs carry dangerous germs and 20 percent of those contain faecal bacteria.

While, people may not necessarily be pooping in the mugs, but studies suggest that 1 in 5 are harbouring unsavoury microbes.

According to Dr Gerba, as reported by The Mirror, by washing mugs in the communal kitchen, most people use sponges that are not cleaned regulary, or even properly and are covered in a number of harmful germs.

According to the expert, people are essentially just pushing germs around